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Hi! Welcome to Pacific Holiday World

The pacific Holiday World (A Unit Of 4r Seasons Holidays Pvt. Ltd.) a holiday planner in India. It was founded on 2019, with the intention of offering low-cost vacation packages to its clients all over the world. We had only 20 employees when we began, but with hard work and dedication, we were able to surpass our original goals and expand into a joyful family of more than 500. Because of the utter dedication with which our workers work here and the same passion, sincerity, and vision that unites them, we prefer to celebrate every year and value our relationships even more. They are, in our opinion, the foundation of our business and a major factor in its ongoing expansion.

The Pacific Holiday World (A Unit of 4r Seasons Holidays Pvt. Ltd.) A part of Leisure and Hospitality sector of the vacation planner Group, offers quality family holidays primarily through vacation ownership memberships and brings to the industry values such as reliability, trust and customer satisfaction. The company's flagship brand ‘The Pacific Holiday World’, today has over 1800+ members , who can holiday at 100+ resorts in India and abroad.

Mr. Rehan Akhtar is a authority and Non-Executive Chairman. He joined the Pacific Holiday World cluster in 2020 as a management tiro. He has over ten years of expertise in industries like welcome, leisure and vacation resorts.

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