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Best Holiday Membership Plan India 2024

Membership Benefits Of Pacific Holiday

Best Holiday Membership Plan are the finest way to connect with family ,friends and loved ones and The Pacific Holiday World Membership is excellent for that. It is your dedication to collaboration and discovery. You may enjoy future vacations at today's costs with this membership. Pay once and get access to a diverse selection of resorts, locations, and personalised experiences for the next 30 years. A Pacific Holiday Membership is a promise to your loved ones of pleasure and happiness.

Worldwide Access 100+ Resorts

As a Pacific Holiday World membership, you get access to over 1000 wonderful resorts around India and the world. From the majestic Corbett woods and the serene backwaters of Kerala to Singapore's electric buzz and the amazing elegance of Finland, we provide warm hospitality, outstanding services, and holiday experiences. Assume you have extremely limited access to over 1000 resorts.

Exclusive Experiences Only with Pacific Holiday World

Have you ever attempted Yoga in the morning on a gentle mountain top? Or has the sun been setting steadily and you've been watching a live ghazal concert? Can you image sitting in the middle of the ocean with an elephant? Or, even better, visit the actual Santa Claus in Finland's hamlet with your family? Your Pacific Holiday World membership gives you access to special experiences in over 1000 resorts throughout the world. Consider this your ticket to a magnificent world of experiences.

Our resorts are all family-friendly, and our members make up a large, happy travel family. Visit our website's The Pacific Holiday World review area to get a taste of the excitement your family is anticipating. Have you completed your packing?

Luxury Spacious Rooms

Can a Holiday season in which everyone in your family gets their own room appear too good to be true? It seldom happens at Pacific Holiday World. With your Pacific Holiday World membership, you may enjoy your trips in spacious rooms with most of the amenities you choose. Furthermore, you might select a couple of them autographs keep experiences.


Deluxe Room


Double Deluxe


Standard Room


Suite Room

Additional Feature

  • 30 Years of luxurious holiday packages accessible
  • 6Nights/7Days at 500+ destinations worldwide
  • Wide Range of diverse activities
  • Rs 10k+ discounts on international flights
  • Complimentary movie tickets, flight assistance, dedicated customized holiday vouchers
  • Hassle-free concierge at no extra cost
  • Luscious cuisines

Seasons & Apartment

Apartment Categories (Business Price List)

T1 Standard Room

This Room Type Is Equivalent To 1 Room And Can Accommodation 2 Adults And 2 Kids Below 6 Years.

T2 Standard Room

This Room Type Is Significantly Larger To 2 Room And Can Accommodation 4 Adults And 2 Kids Below 6 Years.

Membership Price List


Mode of payment Draft, Cheque or Credit Card in Favor of 4R Seasons Holidays Pvt. Ltd.


In addition to the prices mentioned above, the member would have to pay an Annual Subscription Fee every year (irrespective of the usage). The Annual Subscription Fee T2 Apartment Rs. 23450/- and T1 Apartment Rs. 14300/-.

*Terms and Conditions apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Pacific Holidays World legit?

Yes, The Pacific Holiday World is a government-approved, listed and well-acknowledged company.

Q2. How the membership plan for The Pacific Holidays World Work?

Pacific Holidays World offers specific membership plans; membership plans are intended to benefit the user. We have an ongoing plan for every sort of user, depending on their budget and preferences. Our team will provide you with complete information about the plans and their primary features once you contact us; we are only a phone call away.

Q3. Do Th Pacific Holidays World Provide good benefits and offer good services?

We take members and business extremely seriously at The Pacific Holidays World, a competitive developing company. Our whole effort to improve the organization is based on the advantages and customer service that we deliver.

Q4. Which is the best holiday membership package providing company in India?

According to reviews or client satisfaction rate etc " The Pacific Holiday World" is the best holidays membership package providing company in India.

Q5. Which is the largest timeshare companies in India?

The largest timeshare resort firms in India are as follows:

  • The Pacific Holiday World
  • Club Mahindra
  • Sterling Holidays
  • Country Club Holidays
  • Tag Vacation

Q6. What is the largest timeshare company in India?

Pacific Holidays World - the largest timeshare vacation exchange network in India.

Q7. Is timeshare legal in India?

Yes. Once you are the legal owner of a vacation ownership (timeshare) week, you may sell it at any given time.

Q8. What is timeshare in India?

With vacation ownership, you won't need to own a vacation home right through the year or rent lodgings by the day when you travel. You can purchase a resort unit only for the time you need at a location you desire. Simply put, timesharing means owning a week annually at a resort.

Q9. Who is the biggest timeshare company?

The Pacific Holiday World is the world’s largest timeshare owner, According to servey of people they said pacific holiday world is the best in their sector.

Q10. Which is best club membership in India?

Pacific Holiday World is the best club membership provider in the world because their membership cost is very affordable and also their service is best. If we talk about their customer support, they provide 24x7 service to their members.

Q11. What is means of T1 Category?

T1 is applicable for 2 adults and 2 kids (kids below 6 years).

Q12. What is means of T2 Category?

T2 is applicable for 4 adults and 4 kids for 2 rooms (kids below 6 years).

Q13. Are The Pacific Holiday World memberships beneficial?

Yes The Pacific Holiday World Membership is Beneficial.The biggest advantage of membership is that even if the cost of hotel booking increases, there will be no extra cost added in your membership. Once you have taken membership for 5 years or 30 years, no extra cost will be added to your plan, even if the hotel booking cost has increased.

Q14. What is holiday membership?

It's like a one-time investment to explore destinations throughout your membership plan. The Pacific Holiday World offers you a Holidays membership at a nominal cost compared to other holiday clubs. Pay for one time and discover the wide range of resorts across India and get many holiday experiences for upcoming days.

Q15. Which is the best holiday Package Provider Company In India?

The Pacific Holiday World is the best holiday packager provider company associated with over 7000 hotels in India and International Best suited for your family comfort and memorable holiday experience The Pacific Holiday World is the best for your family.

Q16. What is the best alternative to Club Mahindra membership?

The Pacific Holiday World, with resorts across india are your perfect locations for drive-to vacations. these premium resorts/hotels have redefined hospitality with spacious rooms, tasty food, great facilities like spa and bar and entertaining activities. explore the world with pacificholidayworld.com.

Q17. Which membership is best for holidays in India?

The Pacific Holiday World has an association with more than 5000 Resorts in India and abroad. All are handpicked properties of that region and most suitable for your family comfort and memorable holiday experience. At Pacific holiday world you will get the best holiday package for your family which is full of options and benefits.

Q18. Which travel club membership is best in India?

The Pacific Holiday World, Sterling Holidays, Club Mahindra, and Marriott are some of the most well-known and trustworthy names in the world of vacation memberships. The Pacific Holiday World is a well-known brand among vacationers, and it is connected with distinctive, luxury, and personalised vacation experiences for its members.

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