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"The Island of Legends"

Although most people know about Malta as being a popular Sun and Sea holiday destination, increasingly, travellers from all over the world are discovering the country�s rich history and culture. Throughout Malta�s history, this small archipelago has seen its fair share of fighting and foreign rule. Being located in the heart of the Mediterranean, it was considered being of great strategical importance as a naval base, as recently as World War 2. You will find traces everywhere of the various cultures that ruled the island over the past two millennia or so. No other country in the world offers a taste of so many different historical and cultural influences in such a small area. It�s a side of Malta few people know of and is well worth exploring. The Maltese themselves are known to be warm and welcoming and the vast majority speak English well. In fact, English is one of the country�s official languages (the other being Maltese). The vast majority of the population are Roman Catholic and religion plays a fairly important role in daily life, even though its influence is in decline. This primer will give you a quick introduction that�s all about Malta as a country, and as a potential destination for your next trip. In fact, if you�re considering visiting Malta, have a look at my travel guide with personal advice and written by a foreigner living in Malta.
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